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Periyar Villa

Periyar Villa is a brand new homestay facility in the world renowned destination. Periyar Villa is designed to be the perfect vacation retreat with all the comfort of a home ­ best suited for those in search of quality, finesse, and personalised attention in a true homely ambience. The property is owned by Thajudeens and his family. Thajudeen is a spice trader and tour operator by profession.

Other Activities
  • Border hiking
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Jungle patrol
  • Bullock cart discoveries


Periyar Viila has four large sized rooms with all the facilities to make a comfortable stay for you. Each room has a large private patio which superb view of green nature. At Periyar Villa accommodation is not just four walls alone. Premium amenities,standard guest supplies homely food and heart warming hospitality make your stay a memorable one until the next visit.


Periyar Villa serves typical Kerala cuisine to give the guests a taste of the land. On request you will be served with speciality menu also. Kerala Cuisine is closely,linked to its geography,demography and culture of the land. Hoppers,string hoppers,puttu, casava, dosa are the common breakfast dishes.


Periyar Villa isn't simply a place to stay; the resort offer a range of activities which give guests the unique opportunity to experience the essence of periyar. Various adventure activities including boating, trekking, local shopping, and variety of cultural and martial shows are arranged on request. Which means you do not miss out the essence of Thekkady.

Eco­tourism Activities

Evergreen, grassland and moist deciduous forests are found here with various species of flora in each type of forestland. The Periyar Reserve shelters over 1800 flowering plants including 171 grass species and 143 species of orchids. The only South Indian conifer, Podocarpus wallichiana grows here. A host of eco­tourism activities have been developed for nature lovers in this unique spot.

Nature Walk

This involves trekking through select nature trails accompanied by trained tribal trackers cum guides. A three­hour interpretative programme, it takes one through interspersed evergreen and moist deciduous forests, providing incredible opportunities for close observation of birds, butterflies and wildlife.

Tiger Trail

This is a protection­oriented trekking and camping activity with reformed poachers as tourist guides. The most significant aspect of this package is the focus on prevention and detection of illicit activities within the forest. There are two programmes organised twice a week that visitors can choose from.

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